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We are represented globally via our expert teams who strive to deliver up to date unbiased coverage of the gambling industry with reviews of online casino betting and casino operators, industry news and legislation updates, knowledge, strategy and edge tools and safety information for when gambling online anywhere in the World.

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“At Winners-Slots our mission is clear. We aim to provide every online gambler with a safe and fair place to play via independent reviews of the world’s best online gambling companies. We supplement this with expert writers, in depth analysis and data therefore ensuring that everything our audience needs to know is available right here before safely gambling online.”

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Winners-Slots leads the way in consumer education and online engagement for those interested in any form of online gambling or winning slots online across many countries.

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With over 100 staff globally that comprise of researchers, developers, data analysts, product specialists and most importantly real online bettors and casino players we have every base truly covered when it comes to advising our audience of when, how and where to safely gamble online so go get that big slot wins today.

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Not every bonus is the same when you sign up to an online casino, winning slots 777 or sportsbook. If they were then choosing where to play slots and casino games or wager online would be simple. At Winners-Slots we break down the terminology and address the sticking points so claiming the maximum value from a bonus is clear to understand and easy to do.


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At Winners-Slots we don’t just report on legislation changes across the various countries where online gambling is evolving, we strive to be part of that evolving process. Our industry reputation and longevity, combined with expertise and years of experience allows us to set the bar high, contribute to working papers, industry conferences and the general education of governing bodies.

We established the first ever American Gambling Awards which recognised key legislators, encouraged debate and good practice and welcomed a whole new legal industry into America in 2019. We have been part and remain committed to taking part in global seminars where those not usually immersed in the online gambling word can gain knowledge, drive change and establish good practice that benefits consumers and operators alike.

Offshore markets do exist, gambling does take place in countries and jurisdictions where it is not legal and at Winners-Slots we do not promote, engage or operate within these areas and never will. We strive to educate, eradicate and highlight those operations that do rather than ignore it.

If you are interested in this our country overview pages are a must read, you will find links to resources, governing bodies and licensees such as these… 

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • American Gaming Organisation
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Independent Betting
  • Adjudication Service

Responsible Gambling

Gambling Responsibly is paramount to everything we consider across our website, from support services, legal platforms, legislation updates and tools that are available to you as the consumer to ensure you gamble in a safe environment and are fully aware of how to stay in control.


If you’re new to the world of online blackjack gambling, then a good way to get used to the variations of the game you’re playing is to practice for free first. You can do this using the ‘Instant Play’ option. Then you can play for real money when you’re ready!

When partaking in any online casino games, one of the best pieces of advice you could follow is to look after your bankroll, and make sure you’re not placing bets in online blackjack games that you cannot afford. Set yourself a limit and know when to call it a day.

Even though side bets in blackjack can bring you a nice win before the game has even started, the truth is that these kinds of bets have very high house edges. So you’ll find your bankroll might deplete quite quickly playing versions of online blackjack games with these betting options.

Another tip for playing blackjack online is to play single-hand games because there are often many decks in the shoe of multi-hand games, which increases the house edge from 0.13% to a whopping 0.59%. So unless you have tons of cash to spare, stick to single hands.

If you want to benefit from the low house edges in online blackjack games, it’s well worth referring to a blackjack chart to get familiar with the different hands. These charts show you exactly what cards you need, and how the hand should be played based on the dealer’s hand.

Silver Oak regularly offers online blackjack bonuses for players to utilize on various blackjack games, so it would be silly not to use it if it means you have even more possibilities of winning on a game! You can view all the latest promotions for online blackjack games here.

Most players know that splitting tens isn’t the best move because you then have to play with two hands. A general rule is to stand on a pair of tens as you already have a value of 20. Therefore, you’ve still got a good chance of beating the dealer’s hand.

We always recommend you split aces in any blackjack game. There are two reasons for this: one is that these two cards total 12, which is not good for the player. The other is that you have a much better chance of obtaining a ten-value card if you split aces.

Some insurance bets can give a payout of 2 to 1 if you place it in blackjack and it results in a winning bet. However, it’s always advised to decline insurance in blackjack because this bet only makes the house edge substantially higher and it’s rarely worth taking the risk.

Each variation of online blackjack has a different house edge. The style might be the same, but the general rules are different for the player and dealer. Payouts are awarded based on the house edge, so go for a game with a low edge and better odds for the player!

This may sound contrary to the above, but part of giving yourself the best video poker odds and payout potential, comes from knowing when to call it a day if a machine hasn’t paid out for a while. Feel free to move onto another machine or change the game instead.

Many players believe that playing on multiple video poker machines will give them a greater chance of a payout. Unfortunately doing so doesn’t do anything but put the edge more in favor of the house. It’s better to stick to one and take some time to think about your moves.

Though betting the maximum wager could bring you the jackpot when you play video poker online, it’s also important to look after your funds and don’t place bets which you can’t afford. If you’re going to play for a progressive jackpot, make sure it’s a big one and worth it.

If you are serious about winning in online video poker games, then it is always recommended to bet the maximum amount of coins the game allows. The reason is that betting max coins makes you eligible to play for the progressive jackpots in these casino games, which can be huge!

All variations of video poker may be similar in terms of rules and card combinations, but each game comes with slightly different odds. It’s in your interest to research the video poker odds of the game you’re playing so you can make better decisions when calculating your bets.

Whatever variation of video poker you plan to play, one thing in common you should use when playing any of them is to always keep hold of the cards that give you the highest winning expectation. This will give you a greater chance of winning the game as you progress.

When you’ve managed to score yourself a big win, it’s always recommended to collect your winnings and leave it at that in a video poker game. If you’ve won just a small amount, however, feel free to double-up and see if you can turn that amount into something more.

If you’re quite new to the world of online video poker, a good way to get familiar with the game is to begin with the variation called Jacks or Better. Not only is it based on the classic-style gameplay of 5-Card Draw Poker, but it is also much easier to grasp.

This is also a wise move to get you started and accustomed to the games if you’ve never played video poker online before. Not only does this mean you can play risk-free, but you can also build up some confidence and knowledge of the games before playing video poker for real money.

Although playing poker in a land-based casino can win you some big sums of money, the payout ratios are actually much less compared to online casinos. This is because online establishments do not have to account for running and maintenance costs, and therefore, have a lot more to offer players.